Table Of Contents

Chapter 1: Splenda: Is It Safe Or Not?
Chapter 2: Chlorine: In Your Swimming Pool and In Your Diet Cola
Chapter 3: Splenda Product List
Chapter 4: Healthy Alternatives
Chapter 5: How To Eliminate Toxic Chemicals From Your Body
Chapter 6: Dying To Be Thin - Obesity and Diet Sweeteners
Chapter 7: Artificial Sweetener Case Histories
Chapter 8: Research Studies
Chapter 9: Sneak Peeks Into Little-Known Sweetener Facts
Chapter 10: The Sweetener Wars
Appendix I Splenda’s Chemical Formula
Appendix II FDA Final Rule Report Sucralose (Splenda)
Appendix III Splenda Patent Registrations
Appendix IV International Life Sciences Institute
(ILSI) Members
Appendix V FDA Final Rule Report Acesulfame K
Appendix VI FDA Final Rule Report Neotame
Appendix VII Saccharin Final Rule Report of Safety
Appendix VIII European Commission’s Report
on Sucralose
Appendix IX Emergency Procedures for Chlorine
References References and Sources of Additional Information

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