Top 7 Reasons To Avoid Splenda®

  1. Splenda® research documents numbness of the hind legs in male rats and negative effects on the livers, spleens and kidneys of laboratory animals.
  2. Amid an obesity epidemic in countries using artificial sweeteners, there is evidence these chemicals may actually stimulate appetite.
  3. Research cites recurring laboratory results of infertility in male rats and gastrointestinal problems in pregnant rats fed Splenda.
  4. Consumers are not being told the whole truth about the long-term dangers of using artificial chemical sweeteners.
  5. No one has considered the fact that chemical sweeteners may be at the root of many unexplained disease symptoms that puzzle your doctor.
  6. According to research, giving sugar-free chemicals to your children or using them during pregnancy may be harmful to a child's emotional and physical maturation and to the normal development of a fetus.
  7. Using chemical sugar substitutes may not be wise if you are suffering from a present chronic disease.

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